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The most important part of your system

Scheduling heating and central air conditioning maintenance is the most cost-effective way to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Our worry free maintenance guarantee will give you peace of mind without any hiccups throughout the year.  Did you know the average home’s heating and cooling system runs about 2,000 hours per year?  That is the equivalent of driving your vehicle 65 miles per hour for 130,000 miles, non-stop! You can’t run your vehicle that long without maintenance and you shouldn't run your systems either. Your heating and cooling systems become less reliable and less efficient over time due to the natural elements. The most common causes of equipment failure can be eliminated by properly maintaining the equipment. Our Ultimate Maintenance Agreement helps your equipment stay within manufacture standards, which reduces the risk of failures, reducing the repair costs and lost dollars from broken equipment.  Plus you get to see us twice a year (that's the best part).  We offer Priority service  and a discount on parts and services.  Call today for more information. (908) 415 5225  We also service ductless air conditioning units.   

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  • PEACE OF MIND-When you’re a member, you have the assurance of knowing that your  comfort system is safe and operational. If it doesn’t, we are there when you need us —24/7!
  • PRIORITY SERVICE—In the unlikely event that you do have a breakdown, You will be  serviced first, ahead of customers without an agreement. ·
  • DISCOUNTS—For being a member, you will receive discounts of $39 off the initial diagnosis  and 15% off all parts and labor for repairs. As a thank you for being part of the AMTEK family!
  • SCHEDULING MADE EASY—We will contact you by e-mail or phone letting you know when it’s time to schedule your next maintenance We will also keep a record of your regular  maintenance and any repairs to monitor the efficiency of your system.  
  • SEASONAL TUNE-UPS— Just like your car, your heating and cooling systems need a tune- up. Your system runs the equivalent of 100,000 miles per year. Maintenance is included at no additional  charge when done during our normal business hours, saving you time and money!  
  • INCREASED EQUIPMENT LIFE—When your comfort system is being properly  maintained, your heating & cooling equipment lasts longer, saving you money!  
  • PROOF & DOCUMENTATION—In the case that you selling your home, you will have  proof that your home’s heating and cooling equipment has been properly maintained and is in good  Working condition.